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The Jetstream® is the first full service media hosting solution designed specifically for the superyacht industry. Our innovative platform delivers live access to the TV services of your choice – from anywhere in the world, be it land, sea or air.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

I've heard the hype, but what exactly - is - the Jetstream?

The Jetstream is the first, and currently the only, completely private full service media delivery system. When you subscribe, your favourite TV sources are purchased on your behalf (you are the rightful owner) and hosted in one of our media acquisition "ponds" where your signals are processed and delivered to you over the internet.

Furthermore, the entire media receiver is extended to you with full remote control functionality so you can enjoy all of the features your TV source has to offer such as personal video recording (PVR), pay per view (PPV) and electronic program guide (EPG). Access all of your favourite Russian, English or Arabic receivers via the Jetstream portal via one simple login.

What does it cost?

Please contact one of our authorized Distributors to get the latest information on pricing or contact us directly. Our resellers and support staff are well prepared to answer any of your questions

To see a full list of The Jetstream authorized Distributors, please click here.

What is included in the monthly service fee?

When you are enjoying The Jetstream, there is of course a lot going on behind the scenes to make the service work. The service fee includes:

  • The first months' fee includes the cost of your media source hardware and subscription setup. (Waived if prepaying a one year contract.)
  • The hosting of your media source in one of our acquisition "ponds", each of which is a secure, back up power protected, high availability data centre on a Tier 1 ISP grade internet backbone.
  • Transport of your private media to you over our privately leased global network. This technology allows your video to dynamically bypass most of the public internet and thus greatly increase reliability and video quality.
  • Full remote control functionality of your media source from your web browser. It's just like having your media source sitting right next to you!
  • Log in credentials to access your personal media online and unlimited viewing of your source. (Note: Jetstream employs a fair usage policy that generously supports typical viewing habits.)
  • Customer support and service during CET business hours. (But we do our best to help on weekends and holidays!)
  • If you purchased your satellite TV box through us, the monthly cost of the TV subscription card is recharged at cost. We do not make money from the TV subscriptions - our business is in place-shifting.
What kind of hardware do I need to enjoy The Jetstream?

Any reasonably modern laptop or computer with an Adobe Flash™ enabled internet browser can enjoy the service. We strongly recommend using Chrome.

The Jetstream can equally be viewed on an iPhone and iPad by downloading "Puffin web browser".

Alternatively, if you wish to integrate into an automation system such as Crestron or AMX, you can purchase a Jetset appliance for complete integration into your AV system.

Sounds too simple? Remember, your personal sources are owned by you but hosted in the Jetstream Acquisition Centres. All of the complicated technical stuff to keep everything running is taken care of by us so that you can enjoy simple and universal access to your media.

What Satellite TV services are currently offered?

Rather than list them all it's easier to simply say that virtually all Satellite Television services in the following regions are available via The Jetstream:

  • Europe and Great Britain
  • North America
  • Central America
  • Russia
  • Middle East (Arabic)

If you wish to have a service which is not covered by the above, please contact us. We are always looking for the next market in which to expand and your needs are important to us!

Marine Use

Am I restricted to watching The Jetstream on my yacht?


Although our collective background in the Yachting Industry inspired us to develop this solution and tailor it to that market, there is absolutely nothing preventing you from enjoying your media anywhere in the world provided you can reach the internet. 

Our service is especially appealing for expats living abroad where their favourite Satellite TV services are simply not available. Next imagine watching The Jetstream onboard your yacht and pressing pause on the TV box video recorder only to then get on an airplane where you can press play to resume your program! This is our vision. This was our challenge and we think we have solved it.

Does this replace all the TV satellite receivers on my yacht?

In a nut shell, no. If you are under the TV broadcast satellites, you should use them as its' certainly the cheapest and easiest way to go. 

However.... consider the age old problem which The Jetstream aims to solve: What happens when you sail away and leave the reception area of your favourite media service? Before The Jetstream, yachts were just out of luck when they voyaged off to foreign waters where their Satellite TV receivers stopped working. With The Jetstream though, in combination with internet access you now have the flexibility to "snipe" in content "from anywhere – to anywhere". All you need is a reasonably good data link via VSAT, 3G, 4G, Inmarsat FBB or even marina WiFi.

I'm a sailboat owner, do I still need a TV dish AND a dish for Internet access?

We feel that some sailing yachts with relatively light viewing habits may find themselves quite happy to have only one satellite dish for internet access through which to enjoy The Jetstream. However it is important to understand that the video delivered by The Jetstream *is* data and will be subject to the limitations of one's communications link. Furthermore, there are certain owners who are such television enthusiasts that they will want a full TV system for when they are under the correct satellite foot prints and thus rely on The Jetstream as more of a "sniper" service to bring in events such as sport matches, which would otherwise be impossible to receive in a given region.

How many people can watch at the same time onboard my vessel?

If you have an AV distribution system onboard, then you can handle each Jetstream video stream as you would any TV source and route it around the vessel for all to enjoy. If you have multiple sources hosted with The Jetstream, then you can of course watch all of them simultaneously, however internet capacity is then the limiting factor.

Therefore the true answer depends on the speed of your satellite data connection and how many TV sources you have hosted in The Jetstream system. Contact our support staff and we'll be happy to consult with you to help identify the optimal solution.

Is my onboard network ready for The Jetstream?

If you can control and prioritize which computers have access to the internet, and ideally even set how much capacity they receive, then the answer is probably YES. If you don't have an IT system capable of this, then Jetstream performance onboard could be negatively affected by (for example) a computer downloading updates, or a user somewhere onboard browsing YouTube.

With this in mind, Jetstream strongly recommends using quality network equipment onboard that utilizes managed networking features such as VLAN and Quality of Service (QoS), and that you consider using a satellite data provider with a proven track record of working well with the Jetstream service.

  • VLAN virtual network segmentation can be used to segregate onboard network traffic, temporarily block which VLAN's onboard have internet access and to enforce sound security policies.
  • QoS tells the Cisco system which data traffic is the most important.
  • Traffic "Rate Shaping" appliances have the powerful ability to isolate and prioritize specific traffic

Any and all of the above can be used to ensure that the video stream remains smooth and stable throughout the events and programs you wish to enjoy.

I'm currently working on a new build and am interested, must I wait for delivery?

Not if your Owner wants to start enjoying The Jetstream now. The Jetstream is not limited to marine use and has a strong role to play in the high end residential market to add a new dimension of media flexibility to the lives of exclusive clientele.

The System

Can I give you my personal TV Receiver for hosting at Jetstream?

Subject to our approval, yes. While we are happy to purchase a new receiver box and satellite subscription on your behalf as part of our turn key service, when using customer supplied hardware the questions we must answer before approval are as follows:

  • Do you as the customer agree to take full responsiblity for keeping the subscription card fully paid and in good standing with the Satellite TV operator? Normally we handle this on your behalf and deal with the satellite broadcaster on your behalf when problems come up.
  • Is your receiver technically compatible with our system? Our control and video processing depends on certain technical criteria which some hardware might not comply with.
  • Is your receiver modern and in good condition? To ensure the maximum in reliability, we prefer to use fresh new TV receivers with the latest software updates and standards. Owner supplied hardware which is of a second hand nature or which shows physical signs of damage cannot be accepted for safety reasons in our hosting data centers.
What happens to my media source when you host it for me?

Each of your media sources will be hosted in a dedicated bay in one of our secure media acquisition "ponds". Each bay has behind it a bank of dedicated technology that captures and encodes your signal to prepare it for transport across our private delivery network. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your source sits safe and sound - ready for you to enjoy any time.

If I subscribe to multiple services, can I watch them all at the same time?

Yes, they can all be viewed in parallel, however each individual source may only be viewed by one receiver (web player or Jetset) at a time.

The Jetstream service does not broadcast your content, it is instead qualified as a "point-casting" service. If a second viewer attempts to view a source that is already in use, they will be given the option to interrupt the prior viewer if they wish. 

Is there a limit to how much I can use The Jetstream?

There is no fixed limit. We instead employ a fair use policy that generously supports even the heaviest of viewing habits. We do not expect to ever restrict customer usage, however Jetstream reserves the right to negotiate with customers should any account ever be observed to be under abnormally high usage levels.

What kind of sources can The Jetstream deliver?

Virtually any TV source on earth can be hosted and delivered via The Jetstream. Currently we support all of North America, Europe, Russia, Central America and the Middle East. We are actively expanding our acquisition hosting to regions around the world, so please contact your nearest Jetstream if you have requirements which are not yet covered.

Remember, if we don't yet offer a specific service you desire let your dealer know! Jetstream is actively seeking input on what the most desired international sources are to guide and shape our growth.

The Techie Stuff

How does my Video get to me?

After your satellite receiver is placed in one of our acquisition centers, we digitise your audio and video and encode it for internet delivery. We then go one step further than anyone else. Rather than just spitting your video onto the internet to fend for itself, our private backbone will route your media across high performance dedicated paths to effectively bypass most of the internet and thus boost delivery performance and quality.

The end result is The Jetstream - a service that we feel is by far the most robust and enjoyable personal media experience available today.

How many sources can I subscribe to?

There is no theoretical limit to the number of television receiver sources you can subscribe to and deliver via the Jetstream. Price discounts apply to bulk orders, and when you have multiple receivers delivered via The Jetstream, as an additional service we allow you to specify multiple log-in accounts in which to organize the media sources for convenience and access control. Each TV source is only viewable by one person at a time.

So it's like a Slingbox™ right?

The Jetstream can be compared to a Slingbox™ only in so far as a high end sports car can be compared to a golf cart which is to say that they both have 4 wheels. The Slingbox™ is a perfectly fine product but being an inexpensive piece of consumer electronics which the customer must self manage, it has proven to be unsatisfactory for the demanding customers we serve.

The Jetstream by comparison is a turn key no fuss solution. It delivers unparalleled video quality via surprisingly small data connections at enterprise level reliability rates. All of that with full customer support and service. It is the technological limitations of Slingbox™ which demanded that we develop our own patent pending delivery system to take the concept of place shifting to the level which our customers demand.

Is The Jetstream available in HD?

Yes! Launched at Monaco Yacht Show 2012, The Jetstream service is available in HD at 2.2 mbits. It is recommended that you have ~3 mbits of capacity on your internet connection to enjoy this quality level.

Please contact us for additional information.

How much bandwidth do I need?

Considering the level of quality we deliver at any given speed compared to other IP video systems, we like to say "not much". However we understand with the very limited speeds and exceptional cost of marine internet access requires we provide more specific details:

  • The Jetstream offers "in player" speed customization with 4 speed settings (5 or more with HD) to customize your experience to your available internet connectivity speed.
  • The lowest video speed/quality offered, 175 kilobits, delivers media which usually runs within most 250 kbit marine data services.
  • The highest SD video speed/quality offered delivers media at 1.1megabits which often runs within a 1.5 mbit VSAT package. At this setting the encoders output resolution is standard definition.
  • HD video via the Jetstream is now available which operates at 2.2 mbits. To run smoothly while keeping enough overhead for other internet services, 3mbit VSAT is recommended

The Rules

Is it legal?

Yes. For full details please refer to the Terms and Services included with your Subscription application. Some highlights follow below.

  • Please be aware that you as the customer are bound by the legal terms and conditions of those paid media subscription services which Jetstream delivers on your behalf. Jetstream only acts as intermediary agent and holds no rights over the content we deliver. The content is the rightful property of the associated broadcasters, and your rights to view the content are legally acquired and paid in full as part of your private subscription service.
  • Each media source will only be available in one viewing session at a time. Should 2 persons in your organization both wish to watch the same source, an additional Jetstream bay will be required to host a second media source.
  • We do not expect to ever restrict viewers; however Jetstream does reserves the right to negotiate should any accounts ever be observed to be at abnormally heavy usage rates.
  • Jetstream is obligated to terminate customer accounts should it ever be discovered that a customer is in any way re-broadcasting or illegally copying content in violation of international copyright laws.
Am I allowed to re-broadcast or resell The Jetstream?

In short, no. The Jetstream service is only for private use to view personal media sources. By re-broadcasting the service you would be breaching your terms of service with both Jetstream and the television provider being viewed while also possibly placing yourself in violation of international copyright laws. Reselling of The Jetstream service is only allowed through authorized distributors.

Jetstream Ltd. is obligated to immediately terminate customer accounts with possible forfeiture of all paid subscription fees should it ever be discovered that a customer is engaging in either:

  • Re-broadcasting of the media in any form
  • Unauthorized recording of the media
  • Unauthorized reselling of the service
What happens to my sources if I cancel my subscription?

In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with The Jetstream and choose to cancel at the end of your contract term, you will be given the option to either take delivery of your hardware or allow us to purchase it back from you.